A.J Jenkins – Here It Is

Round 1: A.J Jenkins. I will admit that when I heard this pick, I wasn’t entirely thrilled. At the 49ers’ Draft Party, there were a lot of questions being asked. Why did they draft the 7th-10th* ranked receiver when there were only three receivers selected before Jenkins? Why didn’t we go after Coby Fleener (TE) or Stephen Hill? I thought that if we were to land Jenkins, we would have gotten him in the second round. Little did I know, the Rams had him rated barely below Justin Blackmon (top receiver in draft) and they traded away their first pick, which would have been Blackmon, so that they could gain an extra pick and also select Jenkins 33rd overall. The 49ers ruined that plan.

This reminds of me the prior year when we selected Aldon Smith. Nobody expected us to “reach” for him as much as we did and the pick left fans confused. Well it looks like Trent Baalke/Jim Harbaugh know what they’re doing. I have 100% confidence in them and I trust that they made the right selection.

A.J Jenkins in depth: He runs a 4.3 forty-yard dash. His 9 1/2 inch hand-span is ridiculous. In 2011, he had 90 receptions for 1276 yards and eight touchdowns, despite playing for a team ranked 91st in total offense.
I would compare him to a Brandon Lloyd-type receiver and he has Randy Moss characteristics- without the attitude.

At the Scouting Combine, Jenkins showed freakish measurements:

- 4.37 40 yard dash – One of the fastest at the Combine.
- 38.5″ vertical leap – Better than Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, Rueben Randle, Alshon Jeffery, Chris Givens, Mohamed Sanu, Brian Quick, and Marvin Jones (all in top-11 WR ranking).
- 4.12 20 yard shuttle – Better than Blackmon, Floyd, K Wright, S Hill, Randle, Jeffery, Givens, Sanu, and Quick.
- 6.73 3-cone drill – Better than Blackmon, Floyd, K Wright, S Hill, Randle, Jeffery, Givens, Sanu, Quick, M. Jones, and Childs.
- 10’4″ broad jump – Better than Blackmon, Floyd, K Wright, Randle, Jeffery, Givens, Sanu, Quick, and M. Jones.

I analyzed measurements of the top-10 wide receiver prospects for height, weight, size, speed, vertical, arm length, and broad jump ability. Besides Stephen Hill, who’s athletic numbers were off the chart, Jenkins has the best vertical:speed ratio in the draft and the best broad:speed ratio. The only downside is that Jenkins isn’t really “filled out” for his frame. He needs to bulk up on muscle, preferably 10 lbs so that he will be a solid 200 lbs.

I’m not trying to confuse anybody with some math, but you can see how “filled out” a player is by dividing weight by (height + arm length). It would be best to divide muscle mass by (height + arm length), but I don’t have any of that data. But if you divide weight by (height + arms), you will see that Jenkins is very undersized.

Top 10 ranked WR’s:

Michael Floyd – 2.04
Alshon Jeffery – 2.00
Brian Quick – 2.00
Stephen Hill – 1.97
Mohamed Sanu – 1.96
Justin Blackmon – 1.96
Kendall Wright – 1.95
Rueben Randle – 1.94
Chris Givens – 1.94
A.J. Jenkins – 1.81

To get to the average of 1.95, Jenkins will have to gain about 10-15 pounds. If Jenkins were to weigh 205 lbs before the draft, I’d put him as an EASY top-15 pick.

I’m not going to be a biased fan and say that we have the next Randy Moss on our team, even though we have the current Randy Moss on our team, but I just think that this pick should get more support than it does.

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