Bleacherzone Sports Simulation Game

Manage Your Team to Greatness!

Launching in September 2016


About Bleacherzone is the first U.S. based, social-virtual sports simulation game to primarily feature American sports. Bleacherzone's interface allows users to interact in a virtual sports world where they are the scout, the coach, and the owner of their own virtual franchise competing against other users. The concept was developed utilizing the 4 most popular team sports in the United States: football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Users can choose to manage a team in one sport or all four. One of the unique features of our concept, is that our game is not only played, but it constantly evolves each and every day. Users not only set their team strategies, but also must sign free agents, trade players, train players, manage team finances, and many other things to dominate the Bleacherzone world! Think you have what it takes? Challenge your friends and manage your team to greatnesss!

CALL TO ACTION! is scheduled to launch our Bleacherzone Football simulation game in September 2015, but we need your help! To ensure our launch happens successfully and on-time, we are launching a Kickstarter on August 10, 2015. This will help provide us the funds to finish Bleacherzone Football. We will have stretch goals that will include the creation of a Bleacherzone App, followed by our other Bleacherzone games (Basketball, Hockey, and Baseball) which we plan to launch in the following 3 to 6 months. So, I want to welcome you to, the first truly interactive social sports simulation game of its kind, where your involvement and support is the key to our growth. Thanks for your support!